EARLY OUT-Reduce your time and expense. This program benefits those clients who need additional resources for their pre collection accounts.  We serve as an extension of your own internal business office. This is a flexible, personalized program that involves a letter service, calling campaign or both. Each program is designed to meet a client’s individual needs. Communications can be made under our Early Out company name, Premier Solutions Inc., or under the client’s name.

FIRST PLACEMENT PROGRAMS- Professional Choice Recovery specializes in contingency debt collections service on first placement collections. Clients can submit accounts at no cost using our free online access. We offer service in the fields of Healthcare, Education, and Financial and Commercial business. We feel our success in recovery is directly tied to personal contact with the consumer.  Our broad hours of operation allow for comprehensive calling campaigns. This, as well as our expertise in skip tracing is the basis of our high volume contact.  Professional Choice Recovery believes in assertive collection techniques, allowing for reasonable payment plans based on each consumer’s particular set of circumstances. Skip tracing is an expensive, time consuming tool in the collection process. We offer this service in order to realize our objective of offering our clients a full service agency.  Once assets have been identified, litigation is relied on as a means of collection when efforts fail to reach an acceptable alternative. You deserve to be paid for your service. Our goal is to return the highest possible number of dollars to you.

PROVISIONAL CHARITY- Our staff is trained to assess consumer/patient circumstances that may identify eligibility for charity care write offs in the hospital environment. We utilize our hospital client’s internal charity guidelines and poverty income to expense ratios in administering this process. This service provides added value to our client contracts.

EDUCATION- Professional Choice Recovery provides one large scale annual seminar to our clients free of charge.  The subject of this seminar can vary from year to year based on client need, internal determination, and ever changing rules and regulations.  We also conduct periodic surveys and calling campaigns to keep our clients abreast of any industry changes that could affect them. Sporadic news items are dispersed throughout the year.  If there is a need for on-site educational consultations, those can be arranged individually by appointment.